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Premium grade Blue Lotus and Butterfly Pea Flowers producer and exporter in Thailand

Nymphaea spp. is known as Blue Lotus and Blue Water Lily. Many people appreciate the flowers for use as potpourri, tea, bath flower and smoking ingredient.
In cosmetics the flower extract is used as natural moisturizer, skin oil balancer and natural hair conditioner.

The historic use and recognition of Blue Lotus goes back to Cleopatra VII the famous queen in ancient Egypt some 2100 years ago and will continue to play an important role in the future.

The Thasai family and several other farmer families operate Blue Lotus farms in Buriram province in North East Thailand. Those farms are either rain fed or irrigated to assure a steady supply throughout the year.

We love ourself and we love the environment and therefore we produce the flowers in a sustainable way without pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Nature Rules 24/7/365

Fresh Blue Lotus flowers from Thailand
Thai Blue Lotus flower quality check
Premium quality Blue Lotus floweers made in the Land of Smiles (Thailand)